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American Rhythm

ChaCha- Flirtation and rythtmic, with fast foot work

Rumba – Sensual and smooth, with subtle hip motion

Bolero – A cousin to the American Rumba, this is slower and even more dreamy,

with sweeping contrasts between bending and straightening the legs

Mambo – Closely related to classic social salsa, but danced on a different beat

Swing – Based on East Coast Swing, with some elements from West Coast Swing,

this is an ideal dance for beginners


Waltz – Graceful, fluid dancing to a slower 1-2-3 rhythm

Tango – Dramatic stalking walks with sharp contrasts between slow and sharp movements

Viennese Waltz – Flowing waltz danced to a quicker 1-2-3 rhythm than American Waltz

Foxtrot – Jazzy, fun and playful dance with a suave and sophisticated attitude 

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