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Do I need a partner?

Absolutely not. Empire Ballroom Studios offers lessons for singles and couples alike. Whatever your situation, one of our well-trained professional instructors will guide you. Many partners are available at our social activities.


Drop In’s  always welcome. Drop in’s can expect a 30 minute lesson at Introductory Special Pricing. We teach Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha cha, Swing, Salsa, and all other Ballroom and Latin dances. We also offer packages and choreography for Weddings or Special Events.


How many times do I have to take lessons each week?

This is entirely up to you. Some students come in once a week while others come in several times a week. We’ll develop a schedule to fit your dance goals.


How much do lessons cost?

You can get started dancing for as little as $45. As with any hobby or sport, there are many different levels of participation. Dancing can be relatively inexpensive. Of course, more serious dancers invest as much as they choose.


How should I dress for my lesson?

Comfort and class is what we encourage. The only rule about dress is to strive for comfort, so consider wearing loose clothing. Smooth soled shoes dance best on our ballroom floor (heels are optional), and please no tennis shoes. (Dark soles mark our floor).

I saw ballroom dancing on TV…can I learn to dance like that?


We teach all the styles and levels at Empire. Some of our

students do compete in various dance competitions and win top places in the Nation. You CAN learn to dance like the pros if you choose. The level of dance on TV usually is very advanced and requires years of work and many hours of practice. The pros you see on TV probably practice 4 hours a day, 6 days a week! Whether you want to become a professional, or dance in an amateur division, we are here to help you achieve those goals.

What if I’m self-conscious on the dance floor while I’m learning?

Everyone starts from the beginning. The students and instructors at Empire Ballroom are very helpful. Our students are constantly telling us how many people compliment their dancing when out at a function. The studio is a safe and supportive environment in which you can learn dance. Students enjoy the learning experience and are amazed at how quickly they become proficient. There is no reason to feel self-conscious.

What is a private lesson?

All lessons are 45 minute sessions; the hours of instruction are Monday-Friday 12pm-9pm and weekends by appointment only. Private instruction is tailored to your personal needs. Learning at your own pace is the optimum method of comprehension and that is what private instruction enforces. Our students have found that learning in this environment has given them a major advantage in social dance settings.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the growing popularity of ballroom dancing, we ask that our students cancel any lesson a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time to avoid being charged.


What type of dances can I learn?

Empire Ballroom Studios teaches all of the Ballroom dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Samba, Mambo etc. in both the American Style and International Styles. We also teach nightclub dances such as Salsa, Hustle, Two-Step, and even Argentine Tango. Basically, we’ll teach any partnership dance.

Each instructor will discuss your individual goals with you before beginning lessons. If you’re uncertain as to your goals, you can begin taking lessons in the most popular dances. They include Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, and if you like, the Hustle. These dances will enable you to dance to most of today’s music. Additional lessons may be added as you become comfortable and more interested in various styles of dance.

Where can I go to practice what I have learned?

At Empire Ballroom Studios we provide social activities such as Practice Parties and special couples activities. These parties are designed for Beginner Students that don’t feel confident enough to dance in social situations. Not only are parties great to further your dance education, but they are also a great way to fill your social calendar and meet new people! Our professional instructors are there to offer any help, and make you feel comfortable.

Where will I use this style of dancing?

Empire Ballroom Studios teaches a style of dance that is used in any social situation. Although many students come to us initially to learn for a special occasion, for example, a wedding, cruise, bar mitzvah, Doctor’s ball, etc., they find many other events for dance in their personal lives. We also provide practice parties for your convenience. So, take your “first step” with our complimentary special.

Will I have a good teacher?

Yes! We have highly qualified and certified instructors on staff, all of whom have advanced training in ballroom dance. Several of our instructors are championship competitors on a professional level. We also bring to the studio, nationally and world recognized ballroom dance champions and judges on a periodic basis to provide additional opportunity for the students.

Will my lessons be at the same time every week?

Not necessarily. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, we attempt to be as flexible as possible. We also recommend that you book your lessons several weeks in advance in order to reserve your preferred times.

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