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We believe dancing is fun and easy and that anyone can learn to dance. Empire Ballroom Studios offers an easy and no obligation way for both couples and singles to start learning ballroom dancing!  

During this private lesson we will introduce you to different ballroom dance styles and help you to decide which dances you would like to learn. We will take into account your interests, your goals and the kind of music you enjoy.  In your lessons, you can either focus on one type of dance (for example, for a wedding) or we can help you design an introductory program where you learn several different dances at once. The dances can be a combination of styles to give you a good foundation in basic ballroom dances and enough skills to be able to dance socially

During private lessons, couples dance together and have their instructor teach them. Singles dance directly with an instructor. 

Even people who have never danced before and think they have no rhythm can become good dancers. Come and see how quickly you can learn to dance, while at the same time having lots of fun and meeting new people. For many people, learning to dance is a life changing experience. Not only is dancing enjoyable, but it also provides important health benefits, and it opens the doors to exciting new social opportunities.

Intro Special $45

If you have always dreamed of dancing, or want a fun and exciting way to get active and meet new people - 

DANCE GROUP CLASSES are the perfect place to take that first step!

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