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Private lessons offer one-on-one attention, which allows an individual or a couple to learn at a pace that is more suitable to their needs.  Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough learning process. In addition, private lessons are also far easier to manage for those with demanding schedules. EMPIRE BALLROOM STUDIOS offers private instruction in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels. Individuals who are interested in taking their dancing a competitive level will benefit greatly from private instruction.  For more information please contact the studio directly.

Private Dance Lessons

Our group classes are designed to be taken in addition to your private lessons, and consist of several students learning from one instructor. Group classes offer a wide variety of dances and topics to better your technique, physical fitness, and understanding of ballroom dance. All levels of students have the opportunity to participate. Classes are scheduled during the evening throughout the week.

Group Classes

Our practice sessions take place in the studio and prepare you for dancing socially. They allow you to apply material learned in your lessons without the pressure of the public eye upon you. Our students attend to have fun, learn, and dance! At our practice sessions, we dim the lights, supply the music, and have a fabulous time in a party type atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to dance and meet other students, as well as the other instructors.

Practice Parties
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